Life can be daunting when faced with food allergies or intolerances. I hope you enjoy reading about my lactose-free journey. Homemade, delicious food that doesn’t bother my stomach is always the goal! Thanks for stopping by!

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Bactose Probiotics- Do These Lactase Producing Capsules Actually Work?

Bactose is a company that produces capsules that claim to produce lactase enzymes for people who are lactose intolerant. These capsules are exclusively sold on Amazon, as far as I could see from searching the web. What are their claims? “Throw Away Your Lactase Pills! A probiotic that actively produces excess lactase enzymes directly in…

The Best Crockpot Pork and Beans Recipe

Beans were a cheap and easy meal for my mom to make when I was growing up. I loved (and still love) salted pinto beans in a crockpot with cornbread. However, when I got married, I quickly realized my husband didn’t feel the same way. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what recipe…

Gluten and Dairy-Free Almond Brownies

As a college student, I had a roommate with celiac disease. We would make gluten and dairy-free meals together, and it generally tasted pretty delicious! However, I can honestly say that gluten and dairy-free desserts are generally made of chalk and disappointment. At least, the ones I tried with my friend. But fear not, my…

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