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Natural Hair and Skin care will change your life!

If you have been on the internet at all for the past several years, shampoo bars and fancy soap bars have increased in popularity. My husband and I had been thinking about them for a little while, but they seemed expensive to us.

My husband happened to pick up a shampoo bar at Walmart. It was fine, but not the best quality. I happened to go to our local soap store, The Spirit Goat, and saw that they carried shampoo and conditioner bars alongside their usual soap! Even better, they list every ingredient on each of their products so I didn’t have to guess if it will work for me.

We tried out the shampoo and conditioner bars, and LOVED them! No need to worry about a cumbersome bottle to throw away- you can use the whole product without breaking into a container. The bars come in little fabric bags and we reuse them- another benefit!

They keep our hair soft and healthy and leave no residue. (They also smell fantastic!)

As for the price- y seem more expensive up front, as a large shampoo bar is generally $13-$15 dollars. But you can use it for a couple months (if you don’t let it melt in a puddle of water) just as you would a nicer shampoo. I think it can outlast most bottled shampoos!

Conditioner bar on top of Rosemary Lemon Tea Tree shampoo bar

They use as few ingredients as possible in their products to make them as soothing and cleaning as possible. My husband has a finicky scalp and my skin is sensitive to many products.

I love their soap because it doesn’t irritate my skin. My hands are very sensitive and my eczema gets worse when I use liquid hand soap. I don’t know why yet, but something in it really hurts! Our local store also adds goat milk to all their products for a more soothing product.

In the end, it is your body and your decision. I highly recommend natural hair and skin care for healthier hair and skin, less waste, and more identifiable ingredients. I also highly recommend hard wood soap holders, as I before mentioned that shampoo bars can melt, like any other bar of soap.

If you want to check out The Spirit Goat for yourself, find their website here.